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Bunicorn is thrilled to be hitting 2 targets with one arrow with the help of our new strategic partner, SupraOracles, the bridge that connects traditional capital markets and the Web3.0 ecosystem.

Being a multi-service project, it is crucial that Bunicorn provides our users with the most recent and realistic external information. This is where blockchain oracles come into play, as they provide a link between off-chain and on-chain data. Thus, SupraOracles will supply Bunicorn’s AMM DEX with secure, fast, and decentralized oracles, thereby eliminating centralized oracle risks. …

After two weeks since its launch, the Bunicorn Game is stealing the spotlight as it marches into the top 3 of Binance’s BUIDL leaderboard, and the game’s treasury has gained ~8.5M BUNI. However, the supply of BUR is increasing again since the players hesitate to use the enhance/fusion feature. The reason behind such a behavior is that the act would not make much of a difference in terms of reward payout. Thus, we are determined to make this major update to Bunicorn Game to improve the economy and re-balance the BUR supply in the long term.


— Increase the value…

Bunicorn Shifts Focus to Game Universe & Topcoin, Stablecoin Farms will be closed on September 14, 2021.

Dear BUNIans,

Originally, Bunicorn exchange consisted of a total of 10 farming pools, including single asset farms, topcoin farms, stablecoin farms, and farms for the BUNI or BUR tokens. The highest Bunicorn’s Total Locked Value has recently reached over $37,500,000 after 3 months of the farming pool’s operation.

After having released the first-ever Play-to-Earn NFT model, along with observing the advantages that we had in the crypto gaming field, Bunicorn has decided to push the in-game benefits even further for Bunicorn players. Therefore…

Dear community,

This August has gone by so quickly, marking the most progressive breakthrough for both the Bunicorn team and our loyal community with the release of Bunicorn’s totally brand-new NFT Play-to-Earn game on August 31.

Let’s take a tour and see what we all have accomplished in the last 31 days of August.

# Product Development

1. Bunicorn Game is officially live

The teaser of Bunicorn’s NFT Game was revealed on August 16, followed by the demo video on August 29. Then, the very first of Bunicorn’s NFT Play-to-Earn Game was finally released & warmly welcomed on August 31…

We are thrilled to announce that Yunko Association is now a part of Bunicorn’s global partner network.

As the Bunicorn Game has been successfully released on August 31, the Bunicorn team has decided to shake hands with Yunko Association. As part of the partnership, we will provide Yunko Association and their 23K guild member community with our first and exclusive scholarship opportunities.

The act is an attempt to further develop a solid user base for the Bunicorn Game and nurture a healthy Play-to-earn community worldwide. …

We are excited to announce that Bunicorn Game and NFT Marketplace will officially go live on August 31, 2021 at 1PM (UTC).

The Bunicorn project has gone a long way with the release of Bunicorn DEX, IDO, and many incentivized farms since June. We feel so blessed to have our community backing us up throughout those critical months. To make it worthy of all the wait & support, another significant milestone is coming for the Bunicorn project — The Play-to-Earn Bunicorn Game and NFT Marketplace will officially go live on August 31, 2021.


Having two…

Fill your bag with $BUR and get ready to join the battle to regain Buniland’s peace now!

BUR or Bunicorn Universal Reward Token is our reward payout token. It is similar to the SLP of Axie Infinity, and will be used across all the games in the Bunicorn Metaverse. We will organize a fair launch of this token on August 29, 2021 at 4 AM (UTC) using Bunicorn’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBP) Pool.

There will be a total of 10,000,000 BUR tokens inside the LBP. This is the public’s only chance to acquire BUR before the game launch. LBP was…

📌 The latest update: To maximize the interests for our players and BUNI holders, the Bunicorn team has decided to discontinue the non-BUNI & non-BUR pools and continue operating only the BUNI/BUR pools on September 14, 2021.

👉 👉 👉 READ DETAILS 👈 👈 👈

Dear community,

We really appreciate BUNIans’ unprecedented support throughout the last three weeks of July. And for your reminder, the NFT Farm to get Bunicorn egg and chest will officially be over at 2 PM on August 27, 2021 (UTC).

But we are not leaving you bored for so long, guys. …

Dear BUNIans,

The $BUR Fair Launch is coming in five days on August 29. And it is the very first fair launch hosted on the Bunicorn DEX ever. Therefore, we are providing you with some key points that should be taken into consideration for an effortless experience throughout the event.

Details regarding the $BUR Fair Launch will be released very soon. Kindly wait for the official announcement from our side.

What is a Fair Launch?

A fair launch is a token distribution model with a long length of issuance for the sake of price discovery, and price equality — where there’s no discount. That’s to…

As the NFT Trend continues to stir up the crypto space, more and more projects are releasing Play-to-Earn or NFT collective games. Bunicorn’s CEO Phuc Nguyen, has recently conducted an analysis, dissecting some of the problems that blockchain gamers are facing. As a result, our Tokenomic model below is a representation of how Bunicorn has absorbed the good and at the same time, developed solutions for the existing problems.

Bunicorn’s upcoming game in August is our first effort to develop a tokenomic that nurtures sustainable growth of the play-to-earn schema. …


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